We Search The Web For The Most Talented
Undiscovered Christian Artists.
And When We Find You, We Reach out Personally
We Design You a Free Page & Listing right here for free,
We Promote Your Music, Air you on our internet radio, side by side with the preaching of The Gospel, Everywhere.. for FREE

Plain and Simple. We put you on our platform for 100% free if you are selected, there are zero hidden costs. This free page design is linked to our Christian Music Radio, which will include a plug on our index of all other member's listings of music pages.


These custom SEO optimized page designs will be built for viral social media sharing and will allow viewers to easily share your music page we make for you.

The custom design will have graphics and a style which compliments your music style and songs.

This is an invite program only, where anyone can submit their music for consideration, but may or may not be accepted.

We typically scout people out ourselves, reach out and hand select, but we also listen to ALL considerations.

This will ensure us quality on multiple things we are watching out for.

Quality of the music, recordings, biblical theology of the lyrics of the music and its applications,

aswell the character and sound theology of the artist themselves.

All of these are hand selected by myself or a team member of our program. 

On music submissions,

Once an application has been screened, it is taken and reviewed/discussed by our team, and once approved, we begin creating you high quality, free promotional material, designed for growing your following to your ministry through our site.

We Work Together To Spread The Gospel - We are a ministry, in it together. Let me explain...

We use tools to communicate as a community to collaborate and put together projects as a group.

We will be using a Facebook Private Group,  Whatsapp and Zoom for our primary communications, as-well as a special piece of software which will allow us to watch YouTube videos together that is free to use.

In these tools, these will be where our private and exclusive meetings will be held, where you can share your ideas and suggestions for this project. We can also work together to create music together in music collaborations which can be voted on within the group for public domain hymns or co-writing originals of which everyone involved can take some ownership of.

Free Page Design

Our page designs includes all of your links to your web presence and music on the web that you wish to share with the world. 

It comes with a large screen design for PC and larger monitors aswell as a design for smaller screens such as phones and other smaller devices.

With personal images, background which suits and goes well with your music. 

You will also have a personal group page within the website if you choose to be a member with us, where other site members in Unlocking Faith Radio will be able to join and keep up with what you are doing. 

You can post new music, images and status updates to keep your fans up to date with your music and ministry.

You will also be included in our radio for airtime in between sermons.


Social Media Promotion

Also included with your music being accepted into the program. We will also give you a slow, steady flow of free promotion with your page design, being sent out through our Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters, and small video clips with your music through TikTok, Instagram & countless other social media platforms we will be on.

This is so effective because it is a very passive way to build your brand, your list & your following, passively without you doing a thing.

Completely auto-pilot for you.