Music Submission

We are looking for spiritually gifted, musically talented Contemporary, Worship, CTM Christian music singers/producers to submit their music to Unlocking Faith Radio. We stream 24/7 and we are launching officially this month, November 16th, 2021.

We currently have room for well over 1,500 songs in our library storage and we are picking out the best for our style.

We are looking for the talent, the lyrics of the song that point to Jesus Christ, and music that will lead others into a state of worship.

There are many things you receive from us as an artist in the Unlocking Faith Community with airplay time.

24/7 Rotation

Once you are selected from your submission, you will be placed in rotation in our 24/7 radio stream.


Your Own Custom Page / Listing

You will receive a free custom page design, linking up with all of your social media pages and Spotify (If you have any songs on Spotify) where our listeners can search/connect with you easily.


Special Community Perks

You get many other perks within the community perks to keep our listeners up to date with your ministry/music. 


How to Submit Your Music

Simply email your .mp3 files to along with links to your social media sites and a picture of yourself so we can add it to your page listing if selected.

Connect with us by signing up for a free account on this site, and add me to Facebook (If you have it) at

Let's Work Together

Hope to work with you soon! Let's get your music heard by other Christian Music lovers and reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ together. 

- Eric Abbott